2nd Leadership Conclave
(Affordable Biologics/Biosimilars)

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Feb 08, 2020

LLeadership is action and impact, not position. Investment of time and effort leads to high performance in a sector that guides you to excel in the discipline. Here we are speaking of strategies shared by future-focused leaders.

2nd Leadership conclave will host delegates and distinguished leaders from the Indian & Global Biopharmaceutical Industry, Government, Financial Sector, Regulatory Agencies, Entrepreneurs, and various stakeholders to discuss, debate, and provide valuable information on "affordable Biologics/Biosimilars."

After continued discussion with various stakeholders & experienced researchers in this field on "How to make these therapies affordable?" we concluded four main topics that needed to be highlighted.
1) Global policy initiative for affordable biotherapeutics
2) Indian policy (health, insurance & make in India) affordable biotherapeutics
3) Biomanufacturing, Technology, services & innovations for affordable biotherapeutics
4) Regulatory and clinical innovations towards affordable biotherapeutics

So get to know more about the trends and updates of Biologics/ Biosimilars and make the most out of this opportunity. The talks and panel discussions by top leaders of the biopharmaceutical industry allow valuable knowledge and information. Biosimilar Workshop provides this opportunity for you to listen to great Biopharmaceutical leader's wise words and interact and network with them.

So join us at the Leadership conclave on Affordable Biologics/ Biosimilar at ICT Mumbai.

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