1st Leadership Conclave

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Dec 01,2018

Leadership is action and impact, not position. Investment of time and effort leads to high performance in a sector that guides you to excel in the discipline. Here we are speaking of strategies shared by future-focused leaders.

We are trying to address some challenges such as time-consuming approval process, sub-optimal infrastructure, high regulatory barriers, lack of funding avenues, and others in our 1st Leadership Conclave. As a part of the academic ecosystem, our priority is to generate "Human Capital." Human Capital is a central requirement for Skill, Entrepreneurship, and Infrastructure Development for Biopharmaceutical Industry.

A proposed panel on Skill Development for Biopharmaceutical Industry, Entrepreneurship development for Biopharmaceutical Industry & Public-private partnership (PPP) infrastructure for Biopharmaceutical Industry is expected to provide solutions to some embedded questions.

How to achieve the desired skill set at the recruitment stage? How to augment the skill set of already hired professionals? If Skill Modules has to be started, what are the priorities? Such questions have always been consistently disquieting Biopharmaceutical Industry regarding skill development.

The entrepreneurs facing problems such as the significant requirements typically outsourced to the third party by the biopharmaceutical industry? How to mitigate investment risk in Biopharmaceutical investments? How to diversify an investment portfolio to support early-stage researchers? Whether investments firms can fund through institutes and academia?

What are the priorities for the infrastructure requirements? How can be world-class infrastructure generated? Why is there a need for a skill development institute? Whether they should work in collaboration with academic institutes? Such issues in PPP infrastructure need to be addressed.

So join us at the 1st Leadership conclave on Generating & sustaining "Human Capital" at ICT Mumbai.


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